After almost a year of procrastination, the blog section of my personal website is finally ready. I’ve been gathering many drafts of blog posts on the side for the entire period, so you might expect some old posts to be published here from time to time, alongside brand-new works.

About the blog

I’ve wanted to write about different topics related to computer science and software engineering for a long time now. It feels great to share your experiences, promote less popular concepts, and I personally just enjoy writing too.

The upcoming posts will describe my thoughts on different programming languages, frameworks and libraries, provide some guidance to obscurely documented technologies, as well as showcase my personal projects.

I’m currently focused on full stack web development, language and compiler design, and developer tooling. However, I might branch out to other topics in the future.

The underlying technology

The entire website was recently rewritten in Astro. The previous version was made using Next.js. While I love both of these technologies, Astro seems like a much better fit here.

Every post on the blog is an MDX document, utilizing Astro’s Markdown support. This allows you to write the article in plain text, but also to embed React and Astro components, providing interactivity.

The entire website is compiled to static HTML. Content collections, like blogs or projects, are queried during build time and emitted in relevant places, providing sections such as “recent posts”, “popular tags”, or “related projects”.

What’s next

My first real post, called “Evaluating Gleam with Advent of Code” is already up, and there are many more to come. I also plan to expand the blog’s features, perhaps by introducing more interactive components.